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Your opinion matters!

Share your thoughts and earn prizes.

DRI's Online Panel™

Our Online Panel™ is representative of Internet users in the United States. 


It plays an important part in much of our research.


If you are 18 years or older, live in the United States and like to share your thoughts

on a variety of interesting topics, we invite you to join!

Win cash and prizes!


Participation in our panel surveys not only gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion, but you can also win cash and prizes through our sweepstakes.


Every survey* you complete offers you a chance to win! 






We adhere to professional and thoughtful policies to protect your privacy and security.  Accurate research relies on respondents who are confident that they can speak honestly and openly without fear of being personally identified or having their personal information sold to third parties. 

Any information collected by the DRI Online Panel/Digital Research, Inc. is used exclusively for our research.  We will never sell, lend, loan, or otherwise make available to any outside entity the personally identifiable information you provide. 

Read our full Privacy Policy.


We will send you e-mail invitations to participate in a variety of studies. 

Participation is always voluntary: you have the option to accept or decline our invitations.  Included in the invitation will be a link to the survey to simply click on or "copy and paste" into your browser.

Your responses are 100% confidential, combined with others, and reported only in aggregate (your responses will never be connected to you or your personal information).


Our Online Panel™ studies are accompanied by a Survey Sweepstakes. When you participate in one of our research studies, you will be entered into the sweepstakes and have a chance to win cash and/or prizes.  We encourage you to view our Sweepstakes Rules for an overview.

*Screening Questionnaires are not eligible for entry into a sweepstakes. Screening Questionnaires are brief surveys used to identify participants who qualify for a particular study. We will always identify these as "Screening Questionnaires."

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