18 Mar 2010

Transcending Data to Communicate Insight

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All too often, market researchers use data as a crutch when they present the findings of their studies. What’s more, they often don’t do enough to connect their findings to the underlying business issues faced by the client. This leaves researchers vulnerable to being seen as commodities that can be easily replaced with self-service tools like Survey Monkey (even the name implies that a lower-species can do the work).

This vulnerability is acute right now as research budgets remain tight and companies try to do more in-house and/or with fewer resources. To succeed in this environment, researchers must immerse themselves in their client’s objectives and underlying business issues so they almost become a “temporary employee” of the team during the engagement.

It’s also important to note that this approach must be used throughout the research process. The ability to weave in strategic insight at every stage of the process including capabilities presentations, proposal writing, kick-off meetings, survey/guide design, analysis, and presenting is imperative to becoming an indispensable research advisor, not merely a hired hand.

No doubt, proper research design, effective project management, and strong analytical skills are fundamental to any research project. However, researchers need to transcend this comfort zone to immerse themselves in their client’s business issues to prove that the money it costs to conduct a project will help them obtain strategic business insights, not just data.

Christopher Kelley
Research Director

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