03 Jun 2011

Takeaways from the 2011 CASRO Technology Conference

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The CASRO Technology Conference proved inspirational yet again this year with a host of speakers and topics grounded in the present, yet reaching for the future. A few key themes I thought were worth noting:

  • It’s “Mobile Mania!” — It seemed as though most of the speakers had something to add on the importance of mobile — mobile surveying, mobile community access, mobile reporting access. The key challenge will be in keeping to a strict guideline of short surveys for mobile applications and to design mobile survey techniques that can span multiple mobile platforms.
  • Geocoding, the Great Big Brother — The marketing and marketing research opportunities of geocoding seems endless. However, the application is not yet ready for prime time. Plus, we really do need to think hard about privacy issues related to this type of data collection.
  • MROCs are Becoming More Accepted — yet the audience was unsure of their future. Some foresee a consolidation of technology platforms. Still to be determined – how to technologically manage all of its moving parts? How can we efficiently sift through all of the data generated by this tool?
  • Text Mining for Gold — An efficient and sensitive text mining tool is desired for the industry. While current applications may hold some usefulness for qualitative researchers, there is clearly still room for improvement. However, researchers need to get their feet wet with this technique and help guide the changes they seek.
  • Social Media Research Holds Promise — While still in its infancy, social media research for such purposes of brand health measurement holds great growth potential. The key here is to develop the tools with which to sort through this vast expanse of data efficiently and accurately.

Jane Mount