Social Media Research

In today’s world social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others not only provide ways for people to connect and interact, they also serve as a vehicle for people to share their experiences with brands and companies with hundreds or thousands of others – instantly. These opinions and feedback are given freely, making social media an excellent supplement to more structured and traditional marketing research practices, including closed online communities (MROCs).

There is a great deal of valuable information and insight to be gleaned from social media, but finding and identifying the right information among the “noise” can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise.

Luckily, we can help you find the diamonds in a sea of cubic zirconia. Using leading tools, technologies and techniques, we monitor, measure and analyze social media trends to answer these questions and others that get to the core of your brand’s online presence (both “official” and “unofficial”):

  • What is being said online about your brand?
  • What is the level of social “buzz” around my brand?
  • What consumer sentiment is being communicated online about your brand?

The answers will allow you to craft and refine your traditional and online marketing strategies to ensure they more closely align with what matters most to your target audience.

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