17 Jul 2012

Segmentation Typing Tools

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Are you planning a new customer/market segmentation study?  If so, discuss with your vendor, prior to conducting the study, its plans for developing the typing tool so you can be sure you will be able to reap the maximum benefit from this study.  Unfortunately, the typing tool is often treated as an afterthought, but a failed typing tool means you cannot correctly allocate respondents into your defined segments.

We often hear new clients express disappointment in the life of their segmentation studies.  The primary culprit is not the segments that have been defined, or the care and thought that went into defining these segments, but rather the resultant typing tool.  Whether it is a lack of vision for how the segments will be used in the future, or a basic flaw such as not binning some continuous variables in the tool, failed typing tools create a lack of confidence among internal corporate clients.

DRI has prepared a white paper that explores various typing tool techniques and offers key points to consider when developing the tool.  This non-technical paper is designed to help both corporate researchers and supplier researchers consider the numerous options available to them.  The paper also discusses how to work together to develop stable, robust typing tools to ensure long-term success of your segmentation projects.  Please feel free to download the white paper here.

We also are available if you have questions about your current typing tool, or if you are thinking about developing one. Please contact john.leggett@digitalresearch.com for more info.



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