21 Apr 2014

RESEARCH TIPS FROM A DATA GEEK – Geeking Out with WinCross Tab Tips

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WinCrossTabTipsRecently I started a blog about WinCross, which is the software I use to help us analyze our data. WinCross is a powerful Crosstabulation tool, it allows us to easily see connections in our study results.

Crosstabs (tabulations, tables) compares groups in columns, and uses statistical significance testing to see if certain groups are more likely to have differences with other respondents. This is how find the best online casinos we determine, for instance, if women are more likely than men to shop at a convenience store. Or whether someone in the 30-39 year age group is more likely to buy a car than someone in the 18-29 year age group. With WinCross we can choose to compare groups for our entire survey at the same time. It’s a powerful time-saver. I will go more in depth about Crosstabulations in a future post.

WinCross Tab Tips is intended for statistics professionals, those who use or might use WinCross. If that describes you, why not click right over?

And if it doesn’t describe you, no worries, we’ll get you up to speed in no time. Remember, we promised that in the next RESEARCH TIPS FROM A DATA GEEK, we will talk about Quantitative data and strategies for creating a great customer survey!


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