Research Assistant

Job Description
The Research Assistant is the entry level project position at Digital Research, Inc., a full-service marketing research firm. The Research Assistant will ordinarily work as the junior member of a project team that may also include a Research Associate, a Senior Research Associate, or a Research Director.

Initial responsibilities will emphasize the execution of project work plans, including field services management, data tabulation, and results reporting. Responsibilities should rapidly expand to include work plan development and survey instrument development.

Highly competent Research Assistants will find a well-defined career path into research project management (Research Associate) and client relationship management (Senior Research Associate).

Job Requirements
The Research Assistant must have very strong quantitative skills, computing skills, and written communication skills. Quantitative skills should include numerical manipulation, as well as a good understanding of basic statistics. Proficiency with MS Office is required. Experience with SPSS or similar analysis software is highly desirable.

The Research Assistant must be comfortable with meeting tight deadlines and very accurate in their work habits. Some client contact is likely, so the successful applicant will present himself/herself professionally and will be capable of dealing comfortably and effectively with others.

Education Requirements
A bachelor’s degee is required. A concentration in economics, psychology, sociology, mathematics, or statistics may be helpful. Experience in survey research or human behavioral issues will be a plus.

The compensation package will include base pay as well as a complete benefits package, including vacation, sick and personal time, medical and dental coverage, and a tax-deferred savings program.

Bob Domine
Digital Research Group
172 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine 04101