Quantitative Research

No matter how exhaustive the research, results mean nothing if they’re not reliable, structured and objective. That’s why we use proven quantitative methods to ensure our findings are all of these and more – giving you the valuable insights you need to make the best business decisions with confidence.  The types of studies we engage in are as varied as the business needs they support, including:

•    Advertising research
•    Attitude and usage studies
•    Branding research
•    Concept/positioning studies
•    Packaging research
•    Product testing
•    Satisfaction studies

We take advantage of a variety of data collection methods to ensure that the information we provide is the right information for your business. These include:

•    Online
•    Mobile
•    Telephone
•    Mail
•    In-person intercepts
•    Central location testing
•    Interactive voice response
•    Scanning capabilities

Global Capabilities

Understanding the unique challenges of particular international markets can be a tricky task,. But not for us. Our depth of experience in managing quantitative studies fielded around the world allows us to provide the same reliable, structured and objective insight regardless of location.

So how do we do global research so well? For starters, we have access to many online panels within a variety of countries. We work with in-country translators to overcome the language barrier and ensure that surveys and open-ended responses are understood by all involved. Finally, because cultural context can also pose a problem, we coordinate with native constituents to eliminate that potential roadblock as well.

To discuss how DRI’s Quantitative Research services can help your business, call us today at 207-985-7660 or click here.