Online Proprietary Panels

In 1995, the Internet was a mysterious concept for most people. During these early days, as many companies struggled to establish their online presence and/or even grasp the potential of this new medium for their business, DRI began designing and managing online proprietary panels.

So it’s safe to say we know – and have learned – a thing or two about the process.

Based on the proven approach we’ve fine-tuned over two decades, our online proprietary panels rely on deep profiling to carefully build and regularly update each panel based on the very specific demographics of your target audience. This ensures you have access to survey-ready panels that have been assembled for the sole purpose of providing you with the precise information and feedback you need to improve your business.

Among the many online panel services we provide are:

•    Panel setup, maintenance and updating
•    Panel website creation and maintenance
•    Survey development and/or review of surveys you provide
•    Programming, collecting, tabulating and analysis of results
•    Reporting of results, including implications for your business
•    Data management portal
•    DIY questionnaire programming and distribution capabilities

For more information about how DRI’s Online Proprietary Panels can help your business, call us today at 207-985-7660 or click here.

For a preview of our online panel functionality, please visit We maintain this DRI branded panel to help meet our own research sample requirements. We can provide this same functionality to your organization – along with your own brand, look, and feel.