07 Sep 2012

New Insights from Past Research

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Time and resources are often the enemy of corporate research departments.  Are you being asked to do more with less?  Not only do you have to meet the demands of current information needs, but you have to investigate all the new trends in research – from social media measurement to eye-tracking to mobile.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that the greatest research asset your organization has next to its people is past research.

Historical research is a latent asset in your organization.  Have you ever wondered what key information you could glean from an in-depth review of your past research?  A research audit can help you uncover information to satisfy some of the ever-increasing insight requests.

While your research staff has excellent historical research understanding, if you have gone through corporate re-organizations, lost senior staff, or significantly changed your overall research strategy, a review of your past research can help realize the value of your research assets.  This review can bring historical trends back to the forefront of your organization, reduce duplicative research efforts, enhance current research programs and help refine future research strategies.

For example, a research audit can be particularly helpful with new product development research.  A full review of historical concept test research, in conjunction with broader branding, corporate image, and customer satisfaction research can significantly improve the success rate of selected concepts.

Please contact John Leggett at john.leggett@digitalresearch.com if you would like to discuss how a research audit could help your organization.


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