20 Nov 2013

Finding New Customers With Marketing Research: A MINI CASE STUDY

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ChefTom was a business owner who had a successful chain of restaurants, but wanted to attract more customers. Using marketing research, Tom was able to identify likely new customers and understand why they had not yet visited.  Tom’s story illustrates that marketing research doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.  The key to success often depends on clearly defining the goal – your Reason for Research – and designing a straightforward research project to meet that goal.

Reason for Research – Finding New Customers

Tom needed to understand prospective customers and why they didn’t currently visit his restaurants.  While he knew a lot about his existing customers, based on personal interaction, informal conversation,and comment cards, he knew little about those who had never stopped by for a meal.

Start With the End

To be successful, the research would need to identify the next most likely set of prospective customers and what would encourage them to come to Tom’s restaurants.  This would enable Tom to spend limited marketing dollars wisely, targeting those who were similar to his existing customers, but who, for whatever reason, had yet to visit.  By doing research to better understand why they had not yet visited, Tom would have the knowledge he needed to make smart decisions about marketing and advertising.

Plan & Design

DRI’s custom research asked both current and prospective customers about their restaurant preferences, interests, and needs.  We compared and analyzed the resulting data to identify groups with characteristics similar to Tom’s current customers.

The analysis revealed the key factors that would spur new customers to visit, as well as the barriers that were preventing them from trying Tom’s restaurants. These findings provided information that enabled Tom to target the most likely new customers with relevant promotions, and advised Tom on changes to his menu and advertising messages that would drive first time visitors.

A clear Reason for Research led to an outcome that could make a difference in Tom’s business, and bring in the new customers he wanted.

What’s your Reason for Research?  #R4R


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