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What is the NationWise™ Omnibus Survey?

NationWise™ is a service that allows organizations of all types to obtain valuable insights swiftly and economically by adding their questions to a regularly-scheduled online survey. Every two weeks, NationWise™ provides survey responses from 1,500 demographically-representative U.S. adults.

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What are the benefits?

Omnibus surveys have several benefits – broad audience reach, frequency in data collection, lower costs, and quick turnaround for data collection and processing.

Because your questions are asked in our regularly-scheduled survey, your costs are much lower than they would be for other custom research solutions…AND you get the answers much more quickly.

What questions can be included?

You can use NationWise™ to ask any type of question you want for any purpose. You can:

•    Test new product ideas and communications.
•    Test brand awareness and advertising recall.
•    Obtain a snapshot of public opinion and examine how it is changing over time.
•    Learn more about your target market.

Not sure how to word your questions? Give us a call and we can help you hammer out the details.

What are the deliverables?

We provide the responses to your questions broken out by standard demographic subgroups, as well as a full demographic profile of respondents. You receive output in Microsoft Excel and Word.

For an additional fee, we can also provide:

•    Customized subgroup breakouts.
•    Written data analysis, and guidance in interpreting results.

How is NationWise™ different from other omnibus surveys?

Unlike other omnibus surveys, NationWise™:

•    Is offered by a full-service market research consultancy – not just a panel or “field-and-tab” company.
•    Is priced lower and provides more respondents per wave than most other similar surveys.
•    Has precise pricing – you only pay for the exact number of questions you want to ask.

NationWise Schedule

What is the schedule?

NationWise™ runs every other week.

Send us your question(s) by Monday at noon, and we’ll send you the tabulated responses by Wednesday at 5:00 pm of the following week.

How much does it cost?

NationWise Cost Per Question

That depends on how many questions you have and how often you’d like to ask them. The more you ask, the less each question costs. A standard question* starts at just $450.

Subscribing to more waves will generate more responses, and increase the power of your research.

*A standard question is defined as one of the following: single or multi-choice with up to 10 items, a rating scale with up to 4 items rated, or an open-end.


How do I get started?

If you have questions about NationWise™ or would like to discuss other market research opportunities, please contact:

Traverse Burnett
Director, Omnibus Research