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July 24, 2017
Gone to the dogs: How American dog owners feel about Fido…(Read more)








June 26, 2017
Summer 2017 travel…(Read more)








May 1, 2017
Whether they are staying or going, Americans anticipate a weekend filled with family, friends AND barbeque…(Read more)








April 17, 2017
A majority of Americans feel they are paying too much in federal taxes and fear that others aren’t paying enough. Only a few think that their federal taxes are just right… (Read more)








April 3, 2017
Digital Research Group’s latest Nationwise™ poll finds two out of three Americans have a positive view of Maine (64%), and nearly one in five include Maine in the top 10 states they would like to live in (17%)… (Read more)







March 20, 2017
After ten years, most Americans believe they have recovered from The Great Recession, but large shares are concerned that the average American is still feeling its effects… (Read more)