Market Research Online Communities (Waggle™)


We are now operating within a period of great change in the field of qualitative research –propelled by the rapid adoption of social networks.  Researchers and marketers alike are seeing the potential for gathering qualitative insights in an online environment.  In particular, we are seeing a rapid increase in the use of MROCs (Market Research Online Communities) for the purposes of gathering qualitative insights.

That’s why Digital Research developed its own approach to MROC platform management, called Waggle™.

Waggle™ is essentially a recruited group of targeted respondents who engage in regular online qualitative research via a secure community website.  With Waggle™, it’s as if your online focus groups or bulletin boards are on steroids.  The platform isn’t limited to one research technique, but rather uses a multitude of activities to gather deep insights on an issue.  Waggle™ is a technology-based, highly creative way to address a variety of insight needs, including:

•    Ideation
•    Testing suitable language
•    Directional insights when timing is critical
•    Exploring attitudes and behaviors
•    Testing social media strategy
•    Trend spotting
•    Early stage evaluation – branding, packaging, ads, etc.


Understandably, Waggle™ is highly engaging for members.  Through the use of visual stimuli and other technology applications, Waggle™ members participate in many of the techniques used for in-person qualitative today. These can include:

•    Discussion forums
•    Bulletin boards
•    Online media sharing
•    Idea banks
•    Blogs/Diaries
•    Ethnographies/image uploads
•    Polls/Surveys – using quant methods for qualitative data gathering
•    Scheduled chat sessions/focus groups
•    Projective techniques such as word associations, collages, sentence completion, image description, family trees, analogies, story completion, etc.

DRI’s flexible Waggle™ platform is cost-effective. Our overall service/technology model offers a superior price/value proposition to our client partners.

To learn more about Waggle™:

•    Click here for a short video introduction.
•    Click here for a sample Waggle™ community. You can login using “Demo” as the username and “Waggle” as the password.
•    Click here for a sample Waggle™ project report, demonstrating how DRI and Waggle™ can bring your customers’ voices into your office suite.

Now, call us at (207) 985-7660, or click here to send an e-mail inquiry. We want to get your customers Waggling!