23 Sep 2009

MRA’s First Outlook Conference – Join me in San Diego

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I’m going to be speaking about Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) at the MRA’s First Outlook Conference in early November.  While the industry has jumped into online quantitative research over the last decade, qualitative applications have been slower to develop.  There have been lots of reasons as to why.  “I need to see people’s facial expressions!”  “I want to hear the inflection in their voice!”  Or the reason never quite said, “I don’t like to change.”  All quite valid responses.  However, today, Web 2.0 is changing how we interact with each other — and research needs to follow.

I’m better connected to college and high school friends now than I have been since I graduated (in 19….ah, I’m not divulging that!) I know what they look like through photos (well airbrushed, of course!).  I can see how their children grow, I know where they go on vacation and what music they are listening to.  These are all fascinatingly detailed insights that can be captured easily and in real time — all outside of a focus facility and in an Internet world.  MROCs, closed social networking sites, now give the qualitative researcher some new tools — we can now harness Web 2.0 technologies for qualitative research applications.  Click here to learn more about the conference.

Jane Mount
Executive Vice President