16 Jun 2011

Digital Research, Inc. Offers Exclusive Use of “Stores to Stoves” Grocery Shopper Online Community Omnibus

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Digital Research, Inc. (DRI) is pleased to offer you the use of  “Stores to Stoves,” a grocery shopper omnibus for qualitative research projects. “Stores to Stoves” is based upon our Waggle platform, a private market research online community (MROC) for use in qualitative research.

The “Stores to Stoves” MROC Omnibus allows you to engage with grocery shoppers and generate insights into your most pressing questions in a way that is faster and more cost effective than ever seen before. The “Stores to Stoves” MROC Omnibus is designed for your exclusive use for one week at a low cost. 

Get talking…with “Stores to Stoves” MROC Omnibus

How it works:

  • The “Stores to Stoves” Omnibus is a private, market research online community (MROC) platform
  • A national community of grocery shoppers and home meal preparers have been recruited to offer insights on their grocery shopping and cooking experiences via a secure community website
  • You can rent the community in one week increments and have exclusive use of all “Stores to Stoves” MROC qualitative, insight gathering tools. Your data is purged at the end of the week for confidentiality
  • We make it easy for you! Site management & IT support, community manager, incentive management, guidance for activity development that are both engaging and insight generating, and back room support of all activities are provided by DRI’s trained researchers

Why you need it:

  • Uncover emerging trends, identify gaps
  • Maximize a limited research budget
  • Try out an MROC without a long term or large cost-commitment
  • Expect the unexpected through organic member-to-member discussions and the insights they generate
  • Listen to grocery shoppers in their natural voice
  • Test drive social medial strategy in a safe haven that is relevant to today’s consumers
  • Engage with community members for concept testing, logos, package design, new product development, retail POS, advertising research–print, commercials, online videos, fsi’s, banner ads, radio, and more!

Take advantage of concurrent market research techniques:

  • Online ethnographies (e.g., upload store or product images)
  • Discussion forums
  • Polling, surveys
  • Personal blogs or private diaries
  • Idea banks
  • Expose stimuli for evaluations, (e.g., graphics, logos, advertising concepts)
  • Moderated bulletin boards
  • Insight generating gaming activities
  • Team activities
  • Online focus groups, and more

Why DRI?

  • As early adopters of online research, Digital Research, Inc. (DRI), has been providing online custom proprietary panels for almost two decades
  • DRI has worked to stay ahead of new techniques and technologies
  • DRI was the recipient of the 2010 EXPLOR Award, which recognizes the most innovative applications of technology in marketing research

Feel free to contact Robin Epstein, Director, Business Development at 201-794-6126 to book an available “Stores to Stoves” week.