19 Oct 2009

The Bright Side of a Cool, Wet Summer

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The weather up here in New England was pretty miserable throughout June and July. Only in August did we experience anything remotely close to traditional summer weather. Even then we had two consecutive weekends where the weather was nice (finally) but many ocean beaches were closed due to tropical storms spinning off the coast, causing high surf and riptides (thanks a ton Hurricanes Bill and Danny).

As you can imagine, this weather didn’t help the important summer tourism season. Indications are that June and July tourist numbers were terrible while things finally picked up in August. However, there is a silver lining to the summer clouds — fall foliage season. Experts say that the cool, wet summer helped the vibrancy of the leaves this fall, which has brought more tourists back as well.

But as the AP points out, while tourists are coming back, they need to be enticed to do so. This is because people who are heading out on vacation are extremely deal-focused due to the weak economy. So while Mother Nature has done her job to bring the tourists back to New England, businesses need to capitalize on the situation by offering creative packages and deals to get these tourists’ attention and dollars.

Chris Kelley
Research Director