16 Nov 2009

2009 MRA First Outlook Conference – Highlighting an Evolution in Qualitative Methods

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Our friends at Vovici diligently blogged about the presentations offered at the Marketing Research Association’s 2009 First Outlook Conference. My speech “From Bedrock to MROC: An Evolution in Qualitative Research Practices” focused on educating attendees about MROCs (Market Research Online Communities) and demonstrating how they can be used to uncover qualitative insights. These research communities were definitely a hot topic at the conference, sparked by General Mills’ admission that “We have a mandate at General Mills to move as much of our qualitative research online as possible in the coming months and years. We have been experimenting with this for a year, but we created our consumer networks (MROC) team this summer and are now scaling it.”

Click on Jeff Henning’s blog to read more about MROCs and these presentations.


Jane Mount
Executive Vice President